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Please Help Me Protect the Ocean

I've taken on a fundraising challenge to raise funds and awareness for ocean protection. 

I've joined the Finathon Fundraising Challenge to raise funds for ocean protection to help secure a brighter future for the health of our ocean.

Why I'm passionate about ocean protection - As a scuba diver I'm very aware that ocean protection depends on all of our actions, large and small.

Project AWARE know that tackling two of the biggest threats facing our ocean – marine debris and over-exploitation of shark and ray species – is a real challenge, one that we must address together. Finathon is an opportunity to come together to raise funds and awareness for the plight of our ocean and its wildlife. 

Funds raised support Project AWARE’s conservation work and fuels the grassroots action and policy change necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean planet for us today and for future generations.

Support through the fundraising challenge helps Project AWARE: 

A staggering 250 million metric tons of plastic could make its way to the ocean in the next 10 years. Project AWARE collects marine debris data from divers through its flagship citizen science program, Dive Against Debris™, to help build a clearer picture of the underwater trash that threatens ocean life. With this knowledge, we can help inform community action, identify local decisions, and influence change at all levels. Project AWARE is working with dive volunteers year-round to remove and report trash from underwater environments and pushes for policy changes leading to marine debris prevention at national, regional, and international levels.

We advocate for science-based fishing limits for sharks and rays and a precautionary approach to be taken when species information is lacking. We fight the tough, long battles needed to implement protection policies for some of the world’s most threatened sharks and rays – including global wildlife agreements and inter-government treaties like CITES, CMS or regional fishery regimes. Project AWARE is creating a global movement of shark and ray advocates to help protect the most vulnerable shark and ray species

Together, we’re making strong arguments for change. Scuba divers and eco-tourists represent a powerful economic constituency and economic incentive to protect marine environments. Project AWARE represents your voice, the scuba diver voice, emphasizing the importance of keeping the ocean clean and healthy when and where the decisions are being made.

Thank you for your generous support of this vital cause close to my heart.  Wildcat! Sysops take note!  Until my fundrasing goal of $1000.00 USD has been meet, beginning April 1st, 2016 half of all software registrations on this page will go to Project AWARE in support of Finathon!!!

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As divers, it is our responsibility to spread the word about the necessity of sharks in our planet's ecosystem.  Modern media has hyped up how "dangerous" sharks are in our coastal waters.  Before you go out shark hunting, pick up that shark steak for dinner at your local fish market or grocer, or even order that bowl of shark fin soup, please learn about sharks and their importance to our already fragile undersea ecosystem.  Thank you.

One of my current development projects is DESET: Deep Earth Seismic Event Tracker, which is a console-mode Windows application driven by an SQL Server database backend used for tracking earthquakes around the world.  This project is on-going at this time.  Parties interested in this project should email me here at Poseidon Software or at robert.wolfe@robertwolfe.org.