Omicron Theta BBS & Web Services
Southaven, MS USA
Primary Support & Distribution Point for Poseidon SoftWorx
Robert Wolfe - System Administrator & Owner

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KEYNUX - Portable et PC Enterprise 6M compatible LinuxWelcome to the website for Omicron Theta BBS & Web Services - Powered by Linux and Wildcat! Interactive Net Server!

Please note that wcQWKnet version 3.05f1 is now available for downloading from the BBS!  This update resolves a few issues in the 3.05 release.

We are pleased to offer an NNTP-based Usenet newsgroup feed for those that would like one for a low, and what we think to be reasonable, monthly fee of $10.00 USD per month.  If you would like to sign up for this service and your IP address does not change that much, contact us via email and let us know that you would be interested so that we can send you payment information.  Note that payments are processed via PayPal only.

For those of you Sysops who are in the southern United States and would like to join an echomail network centered around you, we welcome you to join Dixienet.  Contact us for more details and to request a current info pack today!

Omicron Theta is also proud to be the host system for WINSnet - THE network dedicated to Wildcat! and WINServer sysops and administrators!  Contact us for more details and to request an info archive today!

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* Dedicated NNTP Usenet newgroup feed on our gigabit fiber connection.

* Mailing list hosting.

* Custom support sevices for Wildcat! and Wildcat! Interactive Net Server administrators.

* Linux shell access.

* Remote system administration support.